Providing satisfactory service to your customers is one of your main tasks to grow your business. For business owners, the business success factor is also determined by the way of serving and responding customers.

A happy customer, which is satisfied with the service provided will become a loyal customer. This customer will keep your product/service on his. On the contrary, if you deliver poor service, disappointed customers, then they will have bad impression towards your business. Of course, they will leave or do not trust your products or service.

Therefore, by knowing the desires of your customers and trying to create customer satisfaction is important in maintaining the viability of the business you are running.

Then how the customer satisfaction strategy applied?. This article will discuss the secret successes of customer satisfaction strategy that will make your customers are more loyal to your business. Here’s what the customer satisfaction strategy is:

  1. Quality

At this first point, the offered product or service quality will influence the customer satisfaction. Give an added value on your products or services as part of the competitive advantage. This is very crucial since if your product has lower quality than competitors, then the smaller opportunity you have to attract customers. Your customers will turn to other product or service that may similar to your business.

  1. Price

It can not be denied that price plays an important role in attracting consumers’ attention. Apart from the maintained product or service quality, consumers will also think about the price as their consideration before they finally decide to use the product or service you offer. Therefore, the price adjustment for your product or service is needed to meet your target market. If your target market is the lower to middle class, then you should offer your product or service at an affordable price. On the other hand, you can set higher price for upper to middle class. However, make sure that your price is worth it as the service offered. Premium product with premium price should offer premium service too.

  1. Business Location

A strategic business location will facilitate your customers to access your business location easily. Easy access may satisfy your customers. The more strategic your business location is, the easier it will be for the customers to visit your business. It is also a great opportunity to drive the customer visiting your business frequently.

  1. Promotion Strategy

One of the customer satisfaction strategies is to provide special offers that seem to give customers more benefits. For example giving discount on specified days or special bonus for customers with certain purchase.

  1. Qualified human resources

Every customer wants to be served by a professional, reliable, and polite employee. Most customer complaints relate to poor service. Serving customers with hospitality and enthusiasm will make customers appreciated.

  1. Provide actual testimony

Commonly, the prospective customer will not directly believe in your product or service quality, before they experience it. Therefore, provide actual testimony to your customers. If  your customers satisfy with your products or services, they will be your loyal customers and will not hesitate to share it to their friends, colleague, or families. Commitment and consistency are the keys to this point. What you say on your promotion should be factual.