Social media. Currently, the use of social media has become the part of human’s life everywhere. It allows the users to get and share information all over the world in a very short time.

Unfortunately, the consequences of social media abuse in spreading information also affect the number of users who enter the legal domain resulting from the information spread on social media that is unethical.

As an effort to reduce the problem in using social media, ethical conduct is needed to prevent from mutually insult or accuse others for no apparent reason. As a matter of fact, these matters will lead the users into law for being careless in spreading information on the internet.


The fast moving era also influence the technology growth. Nowadays almost everyone can share information and communicate directly by using social media through internet which saves more time and cost.

Indeed, users have freedom in using social media to communicate with anyone. What is ignored here is the ethics in using it. It would much better if users know what ethics should be noticed when using social networking.

The lack of public awareness related to ethics in social media will trigger some social problems. Mostly the users are blinded by the hoax news on social media. Here are some important things related ethics in using social media.

  1. Ethics in Communication

Mostly occurred, ethics is ignored during the communication through social media. The most common case appear is many abusive words during a conversation through social networking, both intentionally and unintentionally.It would be nice if communications on the Internet is using polite and proper words. Always use the correct language when we communicate to anyone through social media.

2. Avoid Spreading race, pornography and violence issues

It would be wise if we do not spread information relates certain race or religion. Share useful information only and avoid conflict to others and uploading violent photos such as  traffic accident photo or other violent images.

3. Check the news validity

Nowadays it is very common to find out a news that disfigure other parties in social media. Some parties did this to impose the competitors by sharing hoax news.  Therefore, social media users should be more intelligent in capture any information. Before you share the news, it will be wiser to check the news validity first.

4. Appreciate other’s works

When sharing information in the form of photographs, writings or videos which belong to others, make sure to mention the source to show your appreciation to other’s works. Never copy-paste any contents without showing the source .

5. Do not share personal information too much

It would be wiser for you to restrict your personal life in using social media. Do not  share your personal information such as phone number or home address. There will be possibility that other contacts on your list will use the information to harm you.

So use social media properly and wisely especially in spreading information. Think twice before you act.