JAKARTA (IFT) – The Indonesia Software and Telematics Association (APLTI) predicts that the accounting software services market will grow by 26.5 percent from last year, while the sales growth of licenses for accounting software products will fall from 20 percent last year to just three percent this year.
Djarot Subiantoro, Chair of APLTI, said that the accounting software services business is growing because the number of medium enterprises in Indonesia is increasing. Medium enterprises need accounting software programs to manage their finances. Based on data from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises, there were 52 million micro and medium enterprises in 2010 and will continue grow by around 10-20 percent this year.

Cloud computing technology supports the accounting software services business as it allows medium enterprises to outsource their accounting without having to buy a license from the software producer. This way, the companies’ IT spending can be minimized.

APLTI recorded that the number of software developer start-ups in Indonesia this year increased by 12 percent or around 280 companies. The growth is limited by the high software piracy rate in the country. The market share of the software business is predicted to grow by 11 percent to 10 trillion rupiahs this year. Around 1.7 trillion rupiahs from the total will be contributed by local producers.

“Local software producers are shifting to cloud computing this year since broadband services are becoming affordable, the number of users is increasing, and the service can be used by global users,” Djarot said, Monday.

Since last year, global software companies like SAP and Oracle have been using cloud computing services to attract medium-sized enterprises in Indonesia. But Djarot acknowledges that competition between local and global software producers is not tight, as each company has its own customer segment.

M Nizar, Marketing Manager of PT Zahir Internasional, said that the company will penetrate the global market this year, through cloud computing. But Nizar refused to reveal the date when the service will be launched.

In 2008, Zahir pioneered the accounting software service for medium-scale enterprises available via leasing. “We are also offering accounting software products for the iPad and iPhone,” Nizar said.

In mid-2011, Zahir will launch its latest accounting software. The software will be priced at 1-15 million rupiahs per unit. “Competition between accounting software producers is currently not tight because the market share is still large,” Nizar said.

This year, Zahir targets its revenue and the number of its clients to grow by 30 percent as the number of medium-scale enterprises, as the company’s main target, is increasing.

In 2008, Zahir had seven thousand clients with estimated sales of up to six billion rupiahs. In 2009, the company targets 70 thousand clients and sales to reach 35 billion rupiahs per year.

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