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The accounting packages cover a wide range in terms of features available in each package. There are six versions available that cover personal use to enterprise use.

Zahir Accounting is simple and user friendly accounting software. It would be useful for a range of industries such as trading and distribution, retail, services, contractor, manufacture, and even nonprofit organizations. Features available can be broadly categorized into bilingual accounts, inventory, assembling, disassembling, project & costing department, fixed assets, procurement and sales orders, multi currency, inter branch data synchronization, link to Zahir POS, serial number, lot number and expiry dates, financial statements wizard, predictive transactions, reports, drill down reports, charts and break-even point analysis, ratio analysis and multi user.

Depending on the versions you buy some features are included and others may be dropped. All the versions are multi user, you need to buy as many copies as you want to use the package on.
The small business version, for example, has inventory, link to Zahir POS, drill down reports, chart & breakeven point analysis, ratio analysis, etc. while the enterprise version has all the features mentioned. The interface makes the program simple to use.

There is no need for you to understand the accounting theory. You could easily pay the invoice, enter sales, print invoice and financial statement automatically. Clicking the simple icons on the tool bar takes you to the appropriate module. The best thing to do, when you are on the lookout for a simple yet efficient accounting package, is to make a preliminary selection of the features that you need. Get the trial version and exercise the package in your exact usage scenario It. should prove to be a good tool, in most situations.
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