” Previously we are using Accounting software that was written by an independent software company. The accounting software requires supporting technology to support our accounting system. The technology requirements have increased the cost of our IT expenses.

IT requires Server Operating System, MS SQL Server, and also high bandwidth consumption (which causing the software not as fast as expected). In addition, they required a monthly fee for software maintenance which resulted in higher operational cost in using the software.

Every other week, we would have to contact the IT Support to fix our accounting problems such as the amount mutate through times which does not give accurate data report in the end. The programmer will then send us an SQL script to fix the problems and then two weeks later, the problem started to reappear again.

Therefore throughout the year we have been wasting our time to quality assure the accounting software. Not to mention the additional cost that we have invested on our server operating system, database server and Client Access Licenses to access server and database server plus the accounting clients charges.

When using the previous software, all managers are required to retrieve sales data and graph them manually. Therefore, when they are required to do their sales presentation, they require 1 week for preparations. The investment was totally a waste of money to the Company. Somehow I felt that being their customer is equivalent to being their quality assurance team which is very disappointing. Therefore in 2008 when I was at the IT show in JCC, I decided to spend time listening to Mr. Jafar about Zahir Accounting Software.

I was convinced by the presentation and I brought my Accounting Manager to come along listening to Zahir’s offering to our company. We met Pak Jafar again and he explained and presented to us how easy it is to implement Zahir at our company. We then invited him to do presentation to our Board of Directors at our company. We ensure that none of the previous problems would appear in Zahir afterwards.

It was not an easy decision to make because we need to plan for the smooth porting of data and smooth transition switching to Zahir Accounting. As IT Manager of the company, I find that by using Zahir we have reduced our cost tremendously in terms of IT for Accounting System. The technical supports at Zahir are far more supportive, well knowledge, & provide a fix solution for every problem.

Since Zahir provide great tools for sales report, it enables all the managers to prepare their presentation much faster. Therefore using Zahir Accounting system had helped the company to analyze its business better and take a better decision faster and effective.

As for the IT department, we can focus on investing better technology to support our company ongoing operation and scalable technology for the future expansion of our Company. With the present of Zahir in our Company, it became important tools for Managers to manage the business. The directors can use the software to make better decisions and direct the company to better direction. As for Business Owner, he can always review his company’s health anywhere and everywhere via web access and he is very pleased about it.

Thanks for all the helps to Zahir Accounting and making everything so much easier than before. Thank you for your kind attention and may you have a pleasant day. ”

Anton Tjong – PT. Mitra Asmoco Utama – Jakarta