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Real Time Profit Reports zahiraccounting

At any time you can continue to monitor your profit, and make the right business strategy for a better business

User Friendly zahiracountingzahir

Zahir Simply is super easy to use to use because it is designed for everyone to use smoothly and directly

Manage Daily Sales Transaction

Your sales turnover will always be updated every day and there are no more unrecorded sales contracts or receipts.

Manage Daily Sales Transaction 

Purchase planning is very helpful for you to determine the strategy of purchasing items. You can determine the best-selling items or the sales level is higher and lower demand.

Control your Expenses zahiraccounting

Zahir Simply Helps you to careful record of expenses for the success of your business So, you can separate personal and business expenses.

Monitor Inventory zahiraccounting

Create and record all types of items, both purchases and sales items as well as grouping each item so that you can easily monitor and analyze the movement of sales turnover.

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Online Business
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