Monitor Daily Sales Turnover in Real Time with ZahirPOS X

Enjoy the benefits:

Record Cashier Sales on a Daily Basis

Daily transactions are inputted easily and quickly, so you can see the daily turnover report in realtime

Online and Offline Access zahiracounting

Internet connection is never the issue, POSX is accessible anytime and anywhere

Manage Sales & Multi Store Items

Manage and monitor transactions between stores, so you can monitor the profit reports of each store easily

Integrated Directly With Financial Statements

Store transactions can be connected with Zahir applications: Zahir Simply and Zahir Online, so you can access your financial report

Print Receipt / Invoice with a Bluetooth Printer

The transaction printing process can be connected to a Bluethooth printer so that it is more practical, fast and efficient.

Today’s Business Solutions zahiraccounting

Business applications that have become a mainstay for business people in helping to manage their daily finances

Zahir POSX Features

Best For

Restaurant/Cafe/Coffee Shop
Bakery Shop
Beauty Salon/Barbershop
Fashion Retail/Clothing Accesories
Retail Store

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