Accounting software for retail stores

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The rapidly growing buying and selling of commodity goods requires entrepreneurs to think of ways so that sales can be applied not only in terms of quantity but also quickly and precisely in terms of services. This condition makes software developers create accounting software for stores that are certainly able to meet these needs.

Why do retail stores business with Zahir?

High demand by retail entrepreneurs such as shops, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.

As a sales tool that is simple but includes complete functions.

The software can be combined with supporting hardware such as Barcode Scanner.

The software can display prices and forms of goods on customer display.

The software can process discounts or special prices at certain hours (happy hour).

As a marketing tool for developing business, including income.

A Quick Overview of Transactions With Accounting Software at Retail Stores

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Retail businesses are usually inseparable from stock or merchandise issues. In addition to the need to store software, the back office as a provider of accounting records features must also be met to align the system processes between the software. For example recording purchases made at the back office then directly changes in the amount of stock can be synchronized to the software store immediately. In addition, even more interesting is the new breakthrough mobile application that is used to record sales orders in real time and automatically enter the cashier’s computer. This application can be found in restaurants.

Features of Accounting Software for Retail Stores

The following are some of the features available in Zahir Accounting for retail stores:

Determination of Discounts and Happy Hour

Order entry using Mobile Devices in Front of Customers

Print Orders Directly on the Kitchen Printer

Multiple Price Rates

Data Security With Authorization Level

Complete and Unlimited Inventory Management

Integrated Modules

Data Centralized on Back Office Server

Directly integrated with financial statements

Accounting Software For Retail Stores Makes Everything Easy for Your Business

This is why it is very useful for businesses, as stated below :

“We have no accounting background and have been using Zahir from the beginning of the business. Zahir has been very helpful and we are grateful, to this day we use it to see the reports we need at any time.”

Some of Our Clients

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