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Zahir Accounting accounting software has features specifically designed for retail businesses to manage their business and support operational activities and business decision making.

Using the cash register program (Zahir POS) that can be connected to the cash register such as barcode scanners, customer displays, cash drawers, and printers

Solusi Usaha Ritel - Program Kasir dan POS - Software Akuntansi Online Zahir Accounting

Easy to manage detailed sales reports from sales summaries, sales details based on the type of product sold, payment methods, nominal prices that can be filtered based on daily & monthly

Solusi Usaha Ritel - Sales Detail - Software Akuntansi Online Zahir Accounting

Knowing and analyzing products from
the best selling products, slow moving products, products with the highest turnover, the most profitable products and the longest in the warehouse, etc.

Solusi Usaha Ritel - Analisa Stok dan Produk - Software Akuntansi Online Zahir Accounting

Minimum stock reminder, accounts payable, and current account maturity

Solusi Usaha Ritel - Reminder Stok Minimum dan Hutang Piutang - Software Akuntansi Online Zahir Accounting

Interactive charts of business analysis from financial statements, accounts payable, minimum inventory items, BEP, etc.

Solusi Usaha Ritel - Grafik Laba dan Rugi - Software Akuntansi Online Zahir Accounting
Solusi Bidang Usaha Dagang Distribusi

Business Field Example

1. Minimarket / supermarket
2. Coffee Shop
3. Pharmacy
4. Department Store
5. Cooperative
6. Book stores, HP stores, computer retail stores, etc..

Packages that are suitable for Retail Business

Zahir Small Business

Rp 2 Juta


Zahir Flexy Trade

Rp 5 Juta


Zahir Standard

Rp 8 Juta

Zahir Enterprise

Rp 25 Juta*


Zahir POS

Rp 2,5 Juta


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