Tour and Travel

We provide the best solution for your tour and travel business

The activity of buying and selling transportation tickets to tourism which is becoming more flexible today is very popular. This business activity requires applications that facilitate business people in managing business in the field of travel.

Why tour & travel business with Zahir software??

Much sought after by entrepreneurs who are in the tour & travel business

Being a sales tool for functions needed by the company

Manage land, sea and air ticket price calculations

Manage ticket sales deposits

Tour & Travel Accounting Software Features

The Following are some of the features available in Zahir accounting software :

Determination of discount and fluctuating ticket prices

Print Orders Directly on the Printer

Data Security With Authorization Level

Complete and Unlimited Inventory Management (Menu)

Integrated Modules

Data Centralized on a Back Office Server

Sample Interfaces of Zahir For Tour & Travel

The Following are some sample interfaces available on Zahir for tour and travel

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