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For Contractors, Service and Trade

Designed for company with service and trading businesses which use project managemet as well as trading as in manufacture or contractor.

  • Purchase and sales item
  • Complete inventory management
  • Control inventory
  • Manage project budget cost and department
  • Assembly and stock opname
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Manage Payment

Enable you to manage the accounts receivable, print the accounts receivable, create invoice letter to remind the customer's due date bill. Supplier's payment, create payment check ,select supplier's name, select invoice number to be paid and the amount. All processes are easy and automatic, post dated payment is also possibly made.

Manage Inventory
Compeletely and Easily

In every sales transaction, the base price will be automatically calculated by using FIFO, LIFO, and average method, create inventory adjustment report directly and reduce the quantity in the warehouse. Inventory management will be very easy, you can do the stock opname anytime, print stock card, trace the sales, and manage serial number.


Assembly the formula for each product, set the quantity to be produced, then the program will create the usage item journal as the determined formula.

Manage and Control
Project Cost and Budget

Should your sales is based on the order or mass production, the costing project facilty is your best solution to improve the product efficiency. You could create budget for each project per production phase. The items usage and expenses are report of budget and project realization.

Calculate Asset
Depreciation Automatically

This facility supports you to manage the company's asset, record the purchase date, automatically calculate the depreciation in various methods to create the accounting depreciation by the end of the month.

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