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Zahir Sales Order

Zahir Sales Order is a new innovative applications, as a support to record sales order transaction via mobile on iPad gadget that connected with Zahir Accounting 6


Awesome App!

  1. Fast Implementation. Use Zahir Sales Order then connect it with Zahir Accounting 6 data.
  2. Unlimited Time & Place. As long as server and internet are active, sales person can enter SO transaction.
  3. Keep Save and Controlled. Data security is ensured by a unique password that must be set on your server.
  4. Directly Processed with Careful dan Realtime. SO transaction directly recorded to Zahir Accounting sales order transaction list.
  5. Free. This application can be downloaded and installed for free on iPad tablet.
  6. Support 2 Language, Bahasa dan Inggris.
  7. Strongly recommended for food, beverage, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and other product dealer or distributor.

Use Zahir API (Application Programming Interface) on computer or device to connect Zahir Accounting 6 database to Zahir Sales Order on iPad. Learn More (available in Bahasa)

Zahir Sales Order, to support your mobile sales order activities.

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