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Rp 1.500.000

Zahir Report Server

Zahir Report Server 6 is a web based application, produced by Zahir, to view reports and graphs of business analysis that use the internet web browsers like Internet Explorer , Chrome , Firefox and Safari .

Very Easy To Used !

Simply install Zahir Report Server , specify the location of financial data , then you can directly access the company report from anywhere at anytime , as long as you have an internet connection.

More Than 200 Reports Provided

Zahir Report Server has various reports that are designed to help you make business decisions quickly, from standard financial reports such as balance sheet , income statement , cash flow statement , to the analysis reports, such as sales reports per salesman , per category of customers , selling products , sales profit per product , etc .

Business Analysis Graph

Not only the financial reports, you can also display a variety of charts that will allow you to analyze the business quickly .

Reminder System on Calendar

If you always forget when bills must be paid , when a receivable to be collected , and when the gyro can be redeemable , with Zahir Report Server all problems would be resolved , the program will display all receivables , payables and post- dated check in understandable calendar

Quickly Recognize your company's performance !

With a variety of web -based reports and graphs of business analysis, it's easier to know the condition of the company quickly and accurately anywhere anytime . Imagine this convenience , you can find out where the best-selling products , sales salesman, sales comparison , cost and treasures of the year ( 12 months ) and various other charts . Everything can be obtained instantly wherever you are .

Compatibility with Zahir Accounting 6 Reports

The entire format of the report contained in Zahir Report Server 6 is the same as that in Zahir Accounting 6.

Record and Email Reports

All reports can be exported into various HTML and PDF format for you to print , record , or send it via email to the head of the company or co-workers . Just click one button displayed report can be sent via email as an attachment . It's easy !

Note :

In order to use this program , you must have a program Zahir Accounting 5 & 6. Install Firebird Database Server , and have an internet connection . If you want to manage your business from anywhere and at anytime , then Zahir Report Server is the right choice !
For existing Zahir Report Server 5 users , can upgrade to Zahir Report Server 6 with pay additional fee for Rp.500.000 , -

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    • Menu Login Password
    • Favorites Reports and Graphs
    • More than 200 reports
    • Various Analysis Graph
    • Calendar and Event Reminder Form
    • Compatible with Zahir File Reports
    • Export reports to PDF and HTML in original form and can be sent via email
    • Multi Company
    • Multi User *
    • Indonesian & English
    * Purchase one package Zahir Report Server applies for installation on a single computer , but can be accessed by many users at once , and can open multiple files at the same time financial data.
    • Personal Computer Pentium® IV
    • 1 GigaByte RAM
    • Microsoft© Windows® 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
    • 100MB Free Hard Drive Space
    • Internet Connection

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