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For Large-Scale Business Sector As Manufactures

Designed with complete features and facilities for medium-big sized companies to manage their financial matters quickly and efficiently.

  • Purchase Request, purchase order, sales quotation, sales
  • Control receivable payable
  • Profit loss report per department project
  • Multi facilities, multi currency & multi warehouse, multi unit
  • Assembly and stock opname, etc
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Complete Facility In
Goods Management

Automatically manage the process of incoming and outgoing goods. Sales and purchase goods will be automatically add and reduce stock. Other features, such as assembly, from goods category, goods movement, inventory, to dissasembly. Base price product will be automatically calculated using FIFO, LIFO, and Average methods.

Complete Procurement Process

This procurement facility will create the purchase proses to be more efficient, from procurement request, quotation request, create purchase order, to receiving goods and purchase return. Manage the goods delivery from quotation, sales order, invoices and returns.

Managing Purchasing and
Receiving Goods Gradually

This inventory facility manages the phases of purchasing, from goods request, price quotation, purchase order, received goods, and purchase return.

Managing Sales and
Invoice Gradually

The sales module will support the sales process to be more efficient, from making quotation, sales order, delivery, and sales returns. Automatically record the number of items that have not been delivered to each sales order, thus the amount of undelivered goods will be easily controlled.

Assembling & Disassembling

Maintain the finished goods formula, enter the quantity to be produced, then the program will create the item usage journal automatically based on the established formula. On the other hand, disassembling record into the real components will be easy.

More Complete and Flexible
with Multi Facility

Zahir Enterprise Edition has many advantages and flexibility in multiple facilities such as recording transactions, multi- currency / more than one currency, multi warehouse manages goods in different warehouse, multi unit, and multi fraction of goods with various measurement, multi tax, and other multi facilities.

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