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General Question

  • I Want to know more further about Zahir Products?

    Beside the information detail given to you in product information page, you can see the demo or you can try our trial product in
  • How can I interact with Zahir personnel?

    You can use our e-mail or live chat facility to interact with our customer representative. Email to [email protected] for our support staff or email to [email protected] for our sales staff.
  • How do I download Zahir trial version?

    Go to “Download” menu or Click Here and click the file that you want to download.
  • What kind of supports are provided?

    Live Chat, Email, Phone, etc. For detail support that we provide, go to our “Support” page or Click Here
  • What language is used by this program?

    Bahasa (as default) and English (as option)
  • What database is used in Zahir Accounting Software?

    Zahir is using Firebird database.
  • What is Database Client Server?

    Database Client Server is the latest technology of data based application development which is also called SQL database. In short, Client Server means a centralized database management application which is managed and controlled by one computer named server. In this case, server function is to serve the request from other computer named workstation/client. Client makes a request to server by sending small size order, then server runs the program and sends the results to Client. Advantages: more processes are conducted by server than client, faster data transfer, because only the required data are transeferred, and also high security level.
  • Is there any guarantee that in the future years, your company still exists to maintain your support to customers?

    • Our company does not produce other product but Zahir Accounting.
    • Our company consists of director, manager, mature and professional staffs.
    • More than 18 Years experience since 1997.
    • More than 35.000 software sold until now.
    • Keep on developing.
    • Clear Vision and Concept.
    • Has A Big Dream.
    • We are never satisfied.
  • Are transactions can be edited and deleted?

    Yes, they are. Transaction can be edited and deleted. They are sales, purchase, inventory, account receivable payment, account payable payment, cash and bank, and general journal. However, there are requirements such as control on mutation modification, audit trail report, and mutation historical report.
  • What are the differences between Zahir Accounting and Manual Record?

    Zahir Accounting could summarize the financial statement process, only enter the transaction form and report will be ready, without making double entry journal (debit-credit). In manual report, you have to record many things manually in some papers, make double entry journal which is hard for those without accounting background, takes more time and risky.
  • What are the Zahir Accounting excellences compared to custom made software?

    In short, Zahir Accounting excellences compared to custom made software are:
    • User Friendly – Zahir Accounting is made to be more simpler. Before we create the software, we have customer behaviour survey in using computer as the base to create a user friendly product.
    • Attractive and Organized Display – Usually, custom made software is not properly organized, button position and table are not in sequence, the forms are not standardized, and less attractive.
    • 99.99% Bug Free – Should there any bug or software error, many users will report the problems and could be handled quickly, while custom made software is used by one company and examined by some personnels.
    • Ready to Use – You could use Zahir Accounting as you installed this software, without a long and complicated set-up process, significant changes and adjustments are not required.
    • Zahir Accounting is made based on thousands of customers’ expectations and inputs. Therefore many ideas to be developed as facilities in this software. On the other hand, custom made software is made based on the customer’s ideas. Although the main modules are the same as Zahir Accounting, but you will find out the differences, such as its depth and less facility. For example: report facility in Zahir Accounting is clickable to display the transaction detail (drill down), interactive chart facility, edit transaction, audit facility etc.
    • Cheaper – Custom made software needs longer time to be developed and special programmer. Moreover, the cost is subjected to the customer. While Zahir Accounting divides its production cost into thousands customers, therefore the price is very cheap.
    • Proven Strength and Reliability – Zahir Accounting has been used by thousand users, while custom made software has not been examined, unless by the customer which requires big investment with high risk. The reliability means its capability to manage the large number of data for a long time.
    • Independent – Zahir Accounting is mature software, produced by an established company, focused to develop the accounting software and has many customers. These are absolutely different from the custom made software, where the customer will depend on the company. Will the company still exist in the future? Could the customer contact the programmer? Is there any time bomb which you always contact the creator? Etc
  • Does Zahir Accounting implementation work smoothly in my company?

    We have tried our best to make Zahir Accounting as the best, complete, and automatic business software to meet users’ need. However, it can not be separated from the sources/persons who operate it.
  • Is Zahir Accounting applicable for multicompany ?

    Zahir Accounting is applicable for multicompany. You only need to create financial data for each company. If some companies have their holding companies, then you need synchronization facility to consolidate the financial data from each companies to holding company.
  • How many facilities are available in Zahir Accounting? What are they?

    There are more than 100 facilites in Zahir Accounting, depends on the edition. However the complete facilites are available in enterprise edition. If the edition you use does not provide certain facilites, you could order them as your needs. You can read and compare the Zahir features for each editions on menu produtcs and comparation.
  • Is Zahir Accounting compatible with 64-bit operating system of Windows?

    All versions of Zahir Accounting are compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • What are the system requirements that suitable or compatible with Zahir Program?

    The minimum requirements are Pentium IV processor, Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7, 100 MB Free Hard Drive Space, High Color VGA Card, CD ROM for installation.
  • When Zahir accounting was first made? and since when it was marketed?

    Zahir Accounting was first made on November 1997 and marketed in August 1998. Since 2000 it was marketed, we had positive respond. At first, Zahir Accounting had one edition only, that was standard edition. In 2002, Enterprise editon was launched. Flexy money and flexy trade were released in 2003. In 2005, Zahir Small Business was released. Zahir is still exist until now and always improve for the future.

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