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EULA (End User License Agreement)

Perjanjian Lisensi Penggunaan Program (PLPP)

License Agreement Program Use (PLPP) This is an agreement that is legally binding between you (as a person or a legal entity) with PT Zahir Internasional as a copyright holder of Zahir, which includes software (programs) and a supporting medium such as a box, guidebooks both print and on-line, hereinafter referred to as the “SOFTWARE”. By installing (installed on the computer), duplicate or anything intended to use the SOFTWARE, you are willing to agree and bind themselves to the clauses contained in this PLPP. If you disagree or agree clauses contained in this PLPP, immediately return the complete SOFTWARE to your place of purchase for a refund.


This software is protected by law. Ownership of the software is still in its creator, and you only have the right to wear it.


EULA give you: • Software. You are allowed to install the SOFTWARE (install software on the computer) on one computer only, so if you want to use the SOFTWARE on multiple computers, then you should buy a computer that will use it. • Storage Media. You are allowed to keep the original copy of the SOFTWARE diskette into other storage media merely to make a backup diskette or CRROM damage to the original.


• Prohibition to Unload, Modify and manipulate. You are not permitted to disassemble, modify or manipulate the SOFTWARE is to all intents and purposes whatsoever. If there are errors in the SOFTWARE then contact us to get a version of the repairs and do not ever make any changes or repairs yourself. • Separation of components. Rights of use of the SOFTWARE in a single unified whole. You are not allowed to use part of the available components for computers or other purposes. • Rental / Lease. You are not allowed meyewakan / merentalkan and commercialize the SOFTWARE. • Refund. On the condition that you will or should restore the SOFTWARE, then you must include all devices and media that accompanies the SOFTWARE, and so you do not have one copypun (duplicate) of the SOFTWARE in any form either in the storage media or device accompanying the print media and the user guide, and you have to remove (de-installation) of the computer where the SOFTWARE is ever set. • Unilateral Termination. Developers Zahir in this case Zahir International reserves the right to unilaterally cancel this PLPP and legally if you are found in violation of the clauses contained in this PLPP.


All equipment contained in the SOFTWARE either text, image, and the other is the copyright of the International Zahir is a union of the SOFTWARE.


You are guaranteed to get a good product and if a mistake or damage caused by errors in the making, you’ll get the improved version of the SOFTWARE is free of charge.

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